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My name is Mercedes and I'm the founder of 4YaParty Weddings & Events! 4YaParty is one of my 2 babies, the other (just as important) being my actual baby Amari! That is him below in his cute Christmas suit last year.

Picture of Amari, my son.

I also have a third baby, and this baby I married! This is us on our wedding day in 2016.

Wedding photo of myself and my husband Will.

4YaParty started because of my actual baby. I developed PGP during my pregnancy and even after having Amari I was unable to go back to work. I became disabled and even now I rely on a walking stick to get around.

I inevitably became depressed, started having thoughts that one should not have, tried acting on those thoughts a couple times and that's when I started something that some say, was ridiculous!

I started planning my son's first birthday party. When he was only a few weeks old!

I started writing notes, and writing lists and drawing room plans and writing out possible invite wordings. Slowly I noticed that those thoughts I was having, were no longer there. I was too busy planning Amari's party to think about how much of a terrible mother I thought I was or how I was never going to get my life back. I would hold Amari in my arms and tell him all about what his 1st birthday party was going to be like!

I have always been the 'hostess with the mostess' as my family call me! Planning events and parties, dinner parties, our wedding(s) (we got married 3 times but that is for another blog post!) and even a hot tub party! This pathway was sort of inevitable. So I planned my nieces joint birthday party and Amari's christening, then a surprise birthday party for my grandmother. January 2019, I bit the bullet and registered as a self-employed business woman!

It was scary! How were we going to pay the bills? How would I start a business with virtually no money, we were struggling as it was, living from one benefit cheque to the next and to an extent we still are! I took one months child benefit, about £80. I bought a website domain, website host, some business cards and flyers and I was on my way.

This business is my baby and it makes me so proud to see how far I've come. More than anything I want my son to watch this badass business woman and be inspired to do great things. It is hard, trust me this job is hard anyway without the added joy of being disabled but I definitely won't be letting the fact that I have the label 'disabled' stop me from pursuing something that I love! I've made adjustments, I've set my limits and I've got the most amazing family supporting me along the way.

Did you make it to the end!? Thank you! If you kept on reading then you'll love the next blog in 2 weeks time! Come back every other Monday for another snippet into 4YaParty!

Lots of Love

Mercedes x