Pretty in Pink Wedding

Transforming spaces into stunning wedding venues on a budget!

Budget Friendly Wedding Venue transformations by 4YaParty Weddings & Events

Our tagline is “Transforming spaces into beautiful places, without costing the Earth”, this blog entry will show examples of how we’ve transformed spaces that are not typically wedding venues into dreamy, romantic wedding venues.

If you have enough money in your budget then you can get ‘draping’. This is when you have soft material, draped around the whole room to cover the walls and gives it a blank canvas. However this can be quite expensive and time consuming if you only have the venue booked for a certain amount of time.

We believe when a venue is dressed to a colour, theme or style, then the walls and the venue itself are not even noticed! Linens, chair covers, sashes, table runners, props and backdrops all play a big part in dressing a room and are more than enough to transform a venue. They lighten the room and draw your attention to the colours and the theme and away from the aesthetics of the room.

A village hall or social club is a budget friendly venue for weddings and events. With the right venue stylist you can transform these spaces without breaking the bank! All of these transformations cost less than £990*! See these beautiful examples of real life 4YaParty weddings.

*Prices correct at time of publish.

Men’s Social Club to Romantic Red Rose wedding in Croydon, London.

This wedding was beautiful with red rose fish bowl centrepieces and rose red sashes and table runners. It was tied in beautifully with the mirror table plan and floral candy cart. There was also a romantic tulle backdrop with twinkle lights and red rose garlands. The guests couldn’t believe the transformation.

Social club turned into a romantic red rose wedding venue
From old social club to romantic red rose wedding venue!

Local Village Hall to Whimsical Purple Wedding in Bromley, Kent.

This village hall was neutrally painted but had red walls around the stage and so the bride to be was certain it would distract away from the purple wedding theme. As you can see the purple theme is very obvious and the red wall does not affect the colour theme at all. A dressed room will always transform the room!

From Village Hall to whimsical purple wedding venue!
From Village Hall to Whimsical Purple wedding venue!

Community Football Club to Blush Pink Wedding in Orpington, Kent.

The couple were very concerned that the venue they had chosen was going to be too dark for their blush pink wedding theme. They couldn’t afford the draping that they wanted but were glad they didn’t spend the extra money on draping when they saw the transformation! The linens and chair covers softened the whole room and gave the blank canvas needed to show their blush pink colour theme. This is one of my favourite transformations.

From Mens social club to a pretty in pink wedding venue!
From Mens social club to a pretty in pink wedding venue!

If you need support in turning your space into a beautiful wedding venue with venue dressing and decor then contact 4YaParty at  or send us an email via  We cover Greater London, parts of Kent and Surrey too. Remember to come back next Monday for our next blog post.